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I think "Rainbow Age" is a pretty good sobriquet for our time. I was recently thinking "Starburst Age" might fit because of the sheer explosion of new things from heretofore diminished voices, and, as you point out, diverse influences, but I think yours is snappier. :)

WRT diverse influences, I was trying to explain to someone around my age that there's entire generations of SFF readers/watchers whose foundational experiences aren't Heinlein juveniles or Clarke or Asimov, but rather Harry Potter and Pokemon, and their head nearly exploded. I agree it's important to recognize that there are legions of people who are part of the community now who never participated in the fandom of old - even if some of us were of an age to have done so - and whose first loves are TNG and Xena, or Vampire: The Masquerade, or any of the dozens of other alternate paths of entry we now have.

I think SFF these days is like an enormous interwoven river delta, like the Louisiana bayous or the pre-reclamation lower Rhine, full of myriad channels, some of which interconnect in interesting and unexpected ways. There's still a few which, having split off from the mother river, resolutely plow on without touching their kindred, but less as time marches on.

In any case, it's a great time to love SFF.

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