What a long strange month it's been.

Hey, folks.

I have no excuse for not having written in so long, I’m afraid, other than being overwhelmed and exhausted. Mid-life brain chemistry changes are making sleep challenging, which makes everything else challenging. Cannot recommend. I’m hanging in there, though, and life is honestly pretty good on a personal and professional level. (The world we live in is a different matter, of course: support your local civil liberties organization.)

I’m plugging away at The Origin of Storms, which is being a bit of a beast to write, and I have a stack of copyedits and travel planning and page proofs to do, and a big pile of things in the Pending file that I’m not allowed to talk about yet. I did manage to get five books mailed out today to people I owed them to, which is a small relief. For some reason, mailing things takes up a huge amount of emotional energy.

(I also paid the trash bill for the year and did some essential tax paperwork. The glamour! never stops.)

Machine (White Space II) is now available for pre-order wherever you get your pre-orders and of course I would be extremely grateful if you were to, you know, do that pre-order thing! It helps convince the publishers they want to license the next one, after all!

With a little luck, we might have some cover art for your Real Soon Now!

Ormr the Icelandic Horse is in rehab for his strained ankle and is slowly coming back into form, which is a tremendous relief and also a pile of work. And I’m getting ready (I hope) to go to Hal-Con in Tokyo in April and be a guest of honor there… assuming international travel is still happening, of course.

If you’re nominating for awards, here’s what I published last year (and what I have coming out this year and next year, as well.) Check out those excellent editors as well; if you like my work, you like their work.

All right, time to take my spouse out to dinner to celebrate four years in this gorgeous weird drafty old house that desperately needs new windows and the attic vented. :D

Be sure to tune in next week, where we’ll hear Dr. Bob say, “Are you sure that’s a retractor, Nurse?”