UK (and Europe?) Deal of the Day!

Hey, folks.

Well, I’ve been traveling, and having more fun while traveling than intended, as I have a terrible head cold and also we got to spend an extra day in an airport hotel because blizzard, whee. And when we got home we discovered that our plow guy had abandoned us (this is a known failing of plow guys: sometimes they just look out the window one morning at a wintry hellscape and think… “nah.”)

So getting into the driveway was, well, an adventure.

Viva le Subaru.

Anyway, I’m a little behind! But now I am home and under a cat and somehow have been awake for two and a half hours even though it’s only 4:45 am (I fell asleep at like 8, because of being sick and because we had a disgustingly early flight, it being the only one I could rebook to). And I have things to tell you!

The first is that ANCESTRAL NIGHT is 99p at the UK Kindle store (and also marked down as a Deal Of The Day at other European Kindle stores, though I don’t know if it’s all of them? The author is the last to know!) so TODAY ONLY you can get it in ebook for CHEAP if you live in the correct territories.

The other piece of news is ALSO ANCESTRAL NIGHT news, which is that the US trade paperbook is now available at fine independent bookstores near you, and also your favorite internet purveyor of Things.


And remember, reviews are love. They make the algorithms purr.

Thanks so much. :D

Well, I have a novella due in 11 days and novel due in the spring, so that’s all from me right now. Thanks for your time, and talk to you soon.