Things that I get in the mail....

Some are mysterious.

Hello, friends,

So I got a package from my UK publisher this morning… or should I say, I got the remains of a package from my UK publisher this morning.

It was marked “Please do not bend,” and that was too much temptation for the fates, I suppose. Because I got the brown envelope and the piece of cardboard inside, damaged by either the US or UK mail… and in it somebody had stuffed a couple of Christian evangelism tracts, which I suspect came from another package caught in the same mangle.

I sort of hope they were shipping me super sketchy horror ARCs, and those went to the born-again people...

Sorry about the high volume of emails this week, by the way: it’s a hazard of the book launch lifestyle.

Which brings us to the actual news-related purpose of this email! I have a new book out next week, as you might have noticed!

And so, I’m throwing two book launch parties for The Red-Stained Wings, which comes out on Tuesday, May 28th.

One party is at 3 pm on Sunday, May 26th at Balticon, in Baltimore MD. The other is at 7pm on Thursday, May 30th at Odyssey Books in South Hadley, MA.

The amazing Holly Black will be joining me in South Hadley! If you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by!

Thanks for your attention and that’s it for now. Expect a slightly higher volume of emails for the next ten days or so, and then we’ll probably be back to the usual schedule of “When I have news, and about once a week for the publishing rants for paying customers.)

Best wishes,