Short fiction update

There are some Bears loose in the woods....


A brief update today to let you all know about a new anthology, a new short story online at Uncanny, and a short story online at Slate.

In reverse order:

My story, “No Moon and Flat Calm” is online for free! It’s about disasters in space, disasters on earth, and the people who have to deal with them.

Art by Lisa Larson-Walker, and here is an essay in response by journalist Amanda Ripley, author of The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes—And Why.

I am also pleased to report that Uncanny Magazine is publishing my angry polemical antiwar short story "Lest We Forget" in the June 4 tranche of its May/June issue. You can read it here.

Also on June 4 (today!), I have an equally brand new and very short story, “Bullet Point,” in the new anthology Wastelands 3: The New Apocalypse, edited by John Joseph Adams! Because my story in the first Wastelands (“And the Deep Blue Sea”) is set in and around Las Vegas, I went back there this time.

Just look at that brag list on the front. What an honor to be in such company!

“Bullet Point” is, a little bit, my reaction to Harlan Ellison’s “A Boy and His Dog,” which I read at a formative age. In one of those creepy coincidences, I was finishing the first draft just as I got the news that he had passed away. So this one’s for Harlan.

It’s the first story in the anthology, so I guess I did okay.