Self-care and stuff

Desire to yoga: so low.

Desire to experience the effects of yoga: High.

Sigh, here we go…

I mentioned this briefly on twitter, but avoidance is my new strategy for managing self-care. There’s always something I want to do less than writing, or yoga, or going for a run. (Not that there’s been much running lately between Covid mask restrictions, cold weather, and park closures where I live. So the yoga is even more important to my mental and physical wellbeing. At least Zombies, Run! mas been doing a “So you’re in lockdown” bodyweight workout storyline for the past year. Bless them.)

Anyway, here we are starting off Month 27 of The Long 2020, my goodness. I’m tired. Are you tired? The adventure has paled and now I just wanna go home… or anyplace but home, I guess. I want my friends and family members to get their damned vaccines; I want to get it myself; I want to hug some people that I don’t live with. I want to go for a walk, be able to see clearly, and be able to breathe comfortably without inhaling wet fabric ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

But I can’t, and a diet comprised entirely of cake and alcohol is a shitty long-term coping strategy, and there’s a blizzard happening outside that I need to go shovel. And maybe we all just need somebody to give us a squeeze right now and say “Eat a vegetable, take your meds, and try to hydrate.”

We will get there. I know we will get there. But the road seems so long right now, and there’s this whole new summer and possibly autumn of stuff being cancelled to look forward to.

Keep the faith, though. I want to see as many of us alive and well on the other side of this fucker as possible.

Shoveling snow can be my avoidance strategy for editing The Origin of Storms. Which I am still working on, I promise. The first bit went pretty fast, but now I’m at the point where I have to start drafting big chunks of material to fill in the gaps.

Oh well. Even Agatha Christie slowed down during WWII.

Hope you are staying safe out there and finding things to avoid productively.