PTSD and current events.

Hey, folks, Well, I dunno about you, but at least for me everything going on in Our Nation’s Capitol (or Their Nation’s Capitol, if you happen to be from somewhere that is not the USA) is triggering the hell out of my “trapped in a relationship with a toxic narcissist that I vocally objected to and yet somehow here they are invading every aspect of my life” trauma. The funny thing is, I’d gotten so used to this feeling, and the intrusive ideations, that I hadn’t even noticed until the first week of November, when they suddenly went away. Now it’s all back, and I’m faced with the uncomfortable realization that actually, in general, I’ve done a decent job of processing my own trauma… when it’s not constantly being re-triggered by the alleged administration of the United States of America, ably abetted by a minority of Congress.

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