Obligatory awards post

Hey, folks,

Hope this finds you surviving the holiday season and the COVID-19 wave as well as can be expected. Stay safe and warm and socially distanced out there, as best you can. Spring is coming.

I’m so old I remember when awards posts were the opposite of obligatory! But here I am, and here we go.

I was surprised when I looked back on 2020 to see how much work I actually managed to put forth. I had convinced myself, I guess, that there wasn’t much of it. In any case, I kind of forgot the entire first half of the year after, you know, THE EVERYTHING. **waves in 2020**

Anyway, here’s what I published this year that award-eligible in some fashion!

2020 Publications

"On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera," November 18 from Tor.com, Ellen Datlow, ed. (novelette)  
A Blessing of Unicorns, (Sub-Inspector Ferron #2) 15 October from Audible, read by Zehra Jane Naqvi, Steve Feldberg, ed. (novella)
Machine (White Space #2), 6 October from Saga (USA), 8 October from Gollancz (UK). Navah Wolf and Gillian Redfearn, eds. (novel)
"Hacksilver," from The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, C. C. Finlay, ed. (novelette)
The Best of Elizabeth Bear, January 20 from Subterranean Press, Bill Schafer, ed. (collection)

If you found any of them worthy, I hope you’ll remember them when nominations roll around!