Nostalgia is easy like Monday morning...

Hey, folks,

A friend (Hi, Celia) was pointing out yesterday that since a lot of people are still holding on to the idea that the Covid-19 pandemic will be a 2020 thing, and the boys will be home by Christmas, one of the reasons everything is so terrible right now is that we’ve entered the dreaded third quarter of isolation. At least, psychologically speaking.

In reality? Who knows; we could still be here for a while. But it’s useful to bear in mind that things are rough for a lot of people, and honestly I’m a little freaked out and grumpy that, for example, the R in my state is slowly creeping up past one, and we’ve still got “Phase 3” reopening today.

I’ll be staying the fuck home for a while yet. My favorite walking trail reopened though, and I will be using that (masked, of course.)

In what will at first appear to be a totally unrelated note, without segue, I got the email notice this morning to activated the crossfade thingy that links your Google Music account (going away, alas) with your Youtube Account and transfers your uploaded music over. This resulted in me playing with the Youtube features a little bit, including the thing where it makes a mix tape for you based on what you’ve listened to.

(TIL that Faith No More covered “Easy Like Sunday Morning,” and I mean, that’s 2020 for you I guess.)

Some of the songs reminded me of other songs, and so I was looking those up and adding them to the playlist. I couldn’t remember the name of one song, just that it was… something about a gun and a bullet… that was a theme song for one of the antagonists in The Eternal Sky… and so I was googling my old livejournal account looking for one of the places where I might have mentioned it. (It’s The Shins, “The Rifle’s Spiral,” for those of you playing along at home.)

One thing led to another, and that particular deep dive through a string of search functions led me to this post from 2011, about a punk concert in Stockholm and a trip with one of my best friends. And I was thinking about how much I missed the easy, informal discourse of livejournal-style interactions and blogging… and how much I missed going to packed punk concerts and brutalizing my feet on cobblestones.

Anyway, I figured you might appreciate a little nostalgia. And a reminder that, while the only way out is through, and the trip may be really weird and not take you to any of the places you expected or planned you would be going, there is a through.

And there’s a rainbow at the end.