Food is love in a time of coronavirus, part two.

Hi, friends.

First things first, apparently my novel Dust (Jacob’s Ladder #1, first book in a series that takes place several hundred years before Ancestral Night) is on sale in ebook in the US for $3.99. You can buy a copy here!

And with that out of the way, welcome back for part two of what to eat when the ravening xombie hordes have wiped every package of pasta and jar of sauce off the shelf of the local Aldi, or your shitty gig job is unsafe or not paying anything, and all without paying $12/tin to the SPAM profiteers on Amazon.

But first, a word about bread. It keeps much longer in the fridge, by the way, and functionally forever in the freezer. If you have a loaf of non-sandwich bread (or as we call it in my house, “Good Bread”) and it’s gone stale, the simple solution is: Croutons!

Cut it up into nice chunky cubes, roll or spray it in olive oil, dust with salt and garlic powder, and into a nice 350 degree oven on a cookie sheet or in a cast iron pan, spread far enough apart not to touch each other (just like us!) and bake until it smells delicious. Or until it’s golden brown. You can shake them around once in a while to encourage even browning.

Another not-a-recipe recipe tip: if you make a big pot of rice and beans don’t season it all, beyond salt. Make the seasoning as a sauce and stir it in. By the third meal in a row you will be glad to have miso rice and beans instead of Cajun! (I mean assuming you eat miso. Or Cajun.)

If you have fruit that’s going off, chunk it up and freeze it (smoothies) or bake a pie or crumble or whatever. I know Pi Day was Saturday, but we’re all a teeny bit discombobulated, and what is time really?

More later. I have to get these page proofs done and then go pick up a prescription for my mom.

Take care of each other. Wash your hands.